Hex Poly Sets (40ft/12.2m)

  • By: Ludwik Stec
    As a professional stringer for many years, majority of my supplies, including strings, grips and overgrips, are from Golden Set. Quality of their products and prices attached to them are absolutely exceptional. I was able to replace very expensive Luxilon, Black Code, RPM Blast and few other polys with Hex Poly, Power Cord and Snake Bite smooth. I do a lot of hybrids and one of my favorite is Hex Poly in mains with Snake Bite Smooth in crosses… superb feel, spin, power, comfort and yet arm friendly. I would also like to thank Golden Set for incredible customer service and very prompt order delivery.

    Ludwik Stec

    Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • By: Oscar Lemos
    Golden Set Team, thank you so much for such good and fast service.
    I been order from Golden Set different kind of strings and the Combos between Snake Bite, Power Cord and Hex-Poly combined with Synthetic Gut and Classic for Hybrid are excellent. I been stringing for 25 years and I work with coaches and players for National level and they love those combination of Hybrid from. Thank you Golden Set for such good quality of strings and prices value; Bye bye Luxilon, bye bye RPM and bye bye to many others strings that sponsor big players and consumers pay for it, it is not the case of Golden Set!

  • By: Oscar Lemos
    I am really happy with the Golden Set strings and also my over 1300 players in a year.
    Lots of my players using the great combination of Snake Bite, Power Cord or Hex-Poly on the main and Synthetic Gut Multifilament on cross.
    Your string give to them amazing performance.
    Between you and I, some players on 5.0 NRTP stop using Luxilon and RPM Blast and switch to Snake Bite.
    On of my machines is an Gamma 9900 ELS and doing a perfect work with the Golden Set strings.
    I very high recommend using the Golden Set materials, extremely high performance on the court
    My name is Oscar, from DEUCE4040, with 25 years experience.

    Thank you,

  • By: David Guevara
    I am a 35-year veteran of tennis 5.5 player number 2 in California I tried poly hex the first time and fell in love with it strong at 50 pounds on my head spin racquets just bought I highly recommended then I'm going to buy more of it thank you
  • By: Andrew Kim
    I'm a high 4.5 to low 5.0 player and I've been using this string (Hex-Poly) for the last 3 years! I break strings fairly frequently and used to use Luxilon 4G, but it was way too expensive to pay >$250 a reel. I was using the 16 gauge Hex-Poly for a while and it lasted about 2x longer than the 4G, while providing really good power and spin. The string would start to lose a tension after about 4-5 weeks of playing, but it played and felt really well right before breaking; it'd just become harder to control. I've switched to the 17 gauge version and it lasts about 2-3 weeks of heavy playing. I like the thinner version a lot because it's still very durable, and I get even more power and control with the 17 gauge.
  • By: Richard Kosydar
    Here is a review for the Hex Poly. Hope you can use it.

    I think you have a neat little business using the net and you should be proud of yourselves.

    I have been using the Hex Poly strings for years now. I hit a lot of tennis balls and the strings last a long time since I only change them when they have become noticeably notched. I am a senior and find that these strings are gentle to my arm and hand and they give me no discomfort at all. I tried out the Snake-Bite when it came out and, in contrast to the Hex Poly, the Snake-Bite was too much for my arm and was quickly cut out. So I am quite happy with the Hex Poly and expect to use it for the indefinite future.

  • By: Richard Williams
    I came across Golden Set a couple years ago when looking for alternatives to the high cost strings out there. I string for myself at home, and love the ability to try a variety of quality strings at low cost. I have mostly been using Snake Bite and Hex Poly. I love the spin I get with the Snake Bite, but find that the Hex Poly lasts a bit longer for me. Both play well and very similar to much higher cost strings. I like to pair them with the Golden Set Synthetic Gut. I am a 4.5 all court player.

    Rick Williams, Grants Pass, OR
  • By: Steve Bauer
    I have been stringing racquets for 30 years and used many different brands of string . I have found Golden Set to be the best string that I have ever put in a racquet and more importantly for me the best feeling string that I have ever played with . I particularly like the Power Cord and have used it in various combinations with Snake - Bite and Hex Poly . Wish Golden set made a 18 in the Power Cord but the 17 does a great job in the mains mixed with 18 Hex Poly or 17 Snake-Bite .
    I can string my racquets 5 to 8 lbs. above normal tension and still maintain feel , control , and power .
  • By: matthew miller
    I'm a high level player and these strings are incredible. Great feel and the durability is amazing. I highly recommend these strings because the quality is also fantastic as well.

  • By: Gianfranco Savone
    The following is a review of snake bite 17, hex poly 17 and power cord 17.

    I am a home stringer along with my dad and both of us have been using golden set products for a few years now. The Snake Bite 17 has amazing bite and durability for a 17 gauge, comparible to black code or RPM blast. The hex poly is similar to some other hexagonal shapes strings like solinco tour bite. Finally, I was super impressed by the power cord, so soft and crisp and has a nice feel and pop. All in all, golden set has surpassed my expectations for how well priced it is, and continues to be a preference from customers using name brand string all over town. Will be trying hybrid setups with some of the syn guts soon.

    Gianfranco Savone, Ottawa, Canada.
  • By: Georgy Kao
    I have been using both Snake Bites and Hex Polys consistently for years now. Both make great hybrid setups as well as stand alone full bed setups. I just tried a couple sets of the Power Cord and now it too has made it into the rotation. I was going through the Snake Bites and Hex Polys pretty quickly probably because I was playing with the 17g on my 16x19 Babolat, so I decided to try the 16g Power Cord and never looked back. I was surprised at how soft they were, so my touch shots felt amazing especially coming from a 16g string, but make no mistake the pop was definitely still there when you needed it. I strung it at mid tension with my first set just to see how well the tension held up and 9 hours later after some heavy hitting the drop wasn't bad at all. I then strung up the second set at my normal tensional 50lbs and couldn't be happier with the performance, durability and of course price point.

    -Georgy Kao
  • By: lynda doan
    We have been using your strings for the past 10 years to play. My cousins were the first to use them and recommend your company. My sons really like playing with them as they say it gives them the power that they need to fully bring out the potential in their strokes. Since using your product we have never bought any other strings or play with any other brands. I have recommended your strings to many friends and family members. Your service has never disappointed us as you have always answered our questions and been very courteous fulfilling our orders. Every order has been perfect! I give your products and service a perfect score when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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