Power Cord Sets (40ft/12.2m)

  • By: Andrew Tufenkian
    As a college athlete I can always rely on Golden Set strings to provide me with long lasting, high power and plenty of spin to allow me to compete my best. They are less expensive than the competitors, but at a comparable quality.
    -Andrew T.
  • By: Oscar Lemos
    Golden Set Team, thank you so much for such good and fast service.
    I been order from Golden Set different kind of strings and the Combos between Snake Bite, Power Cord and Hex-Poly combined with Synthetic Gut and Classic for Hybrid are excellent. I been stringing for 25 years and I work with coaches and players for National level and they love those combination of Hybrid from. Thank you Golden Set for such good quality of strings and prices value; Bye bye Luxilon, bye bye RPM and bye bye to many others strings that sponsor big players and consumers pay for it, it is not the case of Golden Set!

  • By: Shintaro Hagiwara
    As much as I wanted to like it, it was too jarring for me (from the stiffness of the string). It played very nicely for the first two hours or so; however, I didn't enjoy it past 3 hour mark. Also, I developed tennis elbow at the same time. Personally much prefer the power code over this, as it is much softer and arm friendly.
  • By: Oscar Lemos
    I am really happy with the Golden Set strings and also my over 1300 players in a year.
    Lots of my players using the great combination of Snake Bite, Power Cord or Hex-Poly on the main and Synthetic Gut Multifilament on cross.
    Your string give to them amazing performance.
    Between you and I, some players on 5.0 NRTP stop using Luxilon and RPM Blast and switch to Snake Bite.
    On of my machines is an Gamma 9900 ELS and doing a perfect work with the Golden Set strings.
    I very high recommend using the Golden Set materials, extremely high performance on the court
    My name is Oscar, from DEUCE4040, with 25 years experience.

    Thank you,

  • By: Fabian Tunberg
    I ordered a large quantity of Golden Set string. My players and I love the feel of the snake bite because its durable and still has that bite to create the needed spin on the ball. Also the Power Cord has a soft feel to it and not to hard on an arm. This is extremely effective for my players who play 19 matches in two weeks and this string also has a long lasting durability. Very impressed with Golden Set tennis strings
  • By: Olivier Martinel
    I have first used the Power Cord in yellow and I first loved them, then used the Snake Bite in black and I love GoldenSet even more.
    The Power Cord are a very soft string so I do not get pain in my elbow anymore,
    the Snake Bite are a little bit harder on my elbow, and the bite you get from the Snake Bite is really amazing,
    it is like the ball stays in your racquet at contact point for 3 or 4 seconds lol, you have time to aim and shoot back.
    Right now I went back to the Power Cord because they are more gentle on my elbow and so far I am happy this way.
    Highly recommended and cheaper than all other brands, I have tried a multitude of big brands for the past 2 to 3 years,
    non stop changing strings to see what will fit my game best,
    and the best one out there is the Luxilon Alu Power 125, but really expensive and do not last longer than 1 month
    on my racquet playing 3 to 4 times a week, I am a 4.5 player and I play really hard.
    The Power Cord do not have as much spin as the Snake Bite but it is actually really good for a smooth poly string.
    I string them at home and can restring not too often,
    Power Cord stays a long time, 2 months, in my Yonex Ezone 98 at 48lbs. I love it. Buy it, any of them...
  • By: Dong Dong (David) Hou
    My review is for the Golden Set Power Cord 17 Black.
    This string is very playable for a poly, it is soft on the arm and gives a very nice pop when hitting. The string also produces a good amount of spin even though its not a textured string. You will not be dissapointed, you will like this poly string if you want a feel thats in the middle of soft and firm.


  • By: Jason Froese
    So for the last seven years I have been using Golden Set products. I have my own stringing machine which I originally bought just so I could tie my own tennis strings but has turned into doing work for others as well. It’s been nice to be able to order a selection of strings as well as grips and over grips for a great price and they work equal to the “big name” brands. I have found both the Secure Grip and the Elan Grip to work well. Over grips have been a great addition for me as they work great and I use them as a small bonus I send with the rackets for some of my consistent customers. For many years I used the Maximal 17 and loved the feel that the string gave me. But being a heavy topspin baseline player was looking for a little more from my string and had tried several different setups when I finally got around to trying there Power Cord 17(full bed). This is a great string, pockets the ball well, easy on the arm and a little extra spin on the ball is always good. Durability is better then some of the other strings I have used. I also like that Golden Set has a Canadian outlet. Orders are accurate and shipping is prompt. Thank you and I look forward to continue doing business with you.


  • By: Francis Matteau
    The golden set power chord is a very interesting string.
    It got the durability of any polyester string but what makes it my favorite to play with is its flexibility.
    Softer feeling than regular polyester ones.Thank you!

  • By: Christian Ché
    I use several times the power cord string 17 and I personally love it! Because it's a good combination between the elasticity, the spin and the power. Exactly what I needed. Since I use this string I improved my game! It's worthy to try it!

    Christian, Montréal
  • By: Steve Bauer
    I have been stringing racquets for 30 years and used many different brands of string . I have found Golden Set to be the best string that I have ever put in a racquet and more importantly for me the best feeling string that I have ever played with . I particularly like the Power Cord and have used it in various combinations with Snake - Bite and Hex Poly . Wish Golden set made a 18 in the Power Cord but the 17 does a great job in the mains mixed with 18 Hex Poly or 17 Snake-Bite .
    I can string my racquets 5 to 8 lbs. above normal tension and still maintain feel , control , and power .
  • By: Gianfranco Savone
    The following is a review of snake bite 17, hex poly 17 and power cord 17.

    I am a home stringer along with my dad and both of us have been using golden set products for a few years now. The Snake Bite 17 has amazing bite and durability for a 17 gauge, comparible to black code or RPM blast. The hex poly is similar to some other hexagonal shapes strings like solinco tour bite. Finally, I was super impressed by the power cord, so soft and crisp and has a nice feel and pop. All in all, golden set has surpassed my expectations for how well priced it is, and continues to be a preference from customers using name brand string all over town. Will be trying hybrid setups with some of the syn guts soon.

    Gianfranco Savone, Ottawa, Canada.
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