Snake-Bite Smooth Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Julius Breza-Boski
    Great durability as expected, with exceptional spin and power. Been using it this year to string peoples racquets that want a reliable poly string. Everyone loves it, no complaints.
  • By: Ludwik Stec
    Snake Bite Smooth is perfect for big hitters who don't want to worry about overhitting when they're attacking the ball. In other words, I found this poly to be quite low powered and very well suited to the aggressive stroke speeds needed for heavy spin. Durability turned out to be absolutely top notch. With slightly lower tension, this string is very arm friendly, that’s why few high ranked juniors I string racquets for simply love it. I would compare this string to Wilson Ripspin or Prince Tour XC and/or few others. In past few months I used almost four reels of Snake Bite Smooth and I’ll order again.

    Ludwik Stec

    Teaching Pro and professional stringer
  • By: Xiaoqiang Ma
    I like the feeling of this string. It is stiff initially. However, after I use different tension of vertical and horizontal stringing, it feels much better. I improved stability and spin of my ground strokes using this string. I will buy this string again.
  • By: Aaron Zhou
    I decided to buy a reel of Snake Bite Smooth to go along with my new stringing machine following a nice experience with the original Snake Bite that a friend helped me put on last year. Overall, I'm very happy with the product and would definitely purchase it again. Here are some pros and cons from my own use:

    - Excellent durability! I've never broken my strings and usually have to cut them after a month of two of moderate frequency play
    - Can generate ample amount of spin
    - The strings never go out of place
    - Gives lots of pop

    - Quite a bit stiffer than most strings, sometimes feels like wires, so stringing it is a little more cumbersome than other strings
    - Doesn't break so you really need to pay attention to string quality and tension loss and decide for yourself when to replace them

    My next objective is to try Snake Bite Smooth with a Syn Gut for a hybrid setup. Thanks Golden Set!
  • By: Jiqing Sai
    We compared this string with Babolat RPM blast. There are lots of similarities between them. It helps for top spin and its durability is similar to regular poly strings. But, my son (a top 30 national USTA player) still prefers power cord 17.
  • By: todd van duyn
    I have used this product twice for customers to trial. The first time I used it as a main with 16g syn-gut on the crosses. The player commented that it generated a softer feel with the same spin as when I used snake bites in the mains. My second customer uses a full bed of another brands black spin string--I put snake bite smooth in the crosses of one of his three racquets and marked it. After playing with all three I asked if he could tell which racquet I strung differently and he commented that the spin was the same but that one of his racquets felt spongier than what he normally uses. He picked out the one with smooth. I am not surprised because of the swing speed this player uses and the stiffness of his normal string. I will use this product again, especially for customers wanting better durability with touch.
  • By: ghislain bourque
    I have tried the demo you sent me and I'm very please with the feeling of this string , very good tension maintaining and good spin potential
    Have to lower tension a bit cause it's a stiffer string but when adjust the tension this is a very good string.
    Snake - bite smooth is my new string of choose
  • By: Andy Ygona
    I have been experimenting with a string setup with Snakebite Smooth(17gauge, 53lbs, mains) and Satin(17gauge, 57lbs, crosses). Prior, I was using Snakebite(17g, 53lbs, mains) and Velvet(17g, 57lbs, crosses). At first, I was expecting the difference in bite, instead, I noticed how comfortable my arm felt first and then the spin. Spin was easily accessible when I needed more. Unlike the Snakebite, spin was always there. After 6 hours, overall, I still liked the access to power and spin, comfortableness, elasticity, and tension maintenance. Next up, I'll setup the Snakebite smooth and Velvet.


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