Sample Packs

  • By: Julie Gillespie
    This is great stuff and holds up well. We use it to string so many rackets for people and they really like the brands. The snake bite is the best if you use big banger
  • By: Dwayne LeSassier
    In me you have a customer for life. Your strings are just as good as the name brand strings I used to buy. Your prices are the best in the business and the speed at which you send the strings is extremely fast. I recommend you to every stringer I know.
  • By: Rafael
    Just got my sample set this week, tried the snake-bite for a couple hours at 58 lbs on my babolat purestorm carbon xtreme. I was used to luxilon's adrenaline and honestly couldn't tell a difference between the two. My wallet certainly did. And the stringer guy looked upset while stringing my racquet, I didn't know different brands of strings could be easier or more difficult to string.
  • By: Victor Sandrasagra
    I ordered a sample pack to get an idea for the type of string that best suits my style of play. I have my own stringing machine, and over the course of the summer I determined that the Maximal/Hex Poly was the best hybrid set up for me.
    I look forward to saving tons of money on strings and having my racquet set up just the way I like for the upcoming summer season. Thanks to Golden Set I can afford the luxury of a racquet tuned like a pro's at prices more suited to my hacker tennis game.
  • By: Robert Thornton
    5 Stars... same review for snake bite, hex poly, classic, and syn gut

    i have experimented with hybriding different combinations of the poly and nylon solid core in my rackets and the quality of your products is at the very least equal to the top tier manufacturers today. Quality control of string lengths and gauges was very good. The performance of all synthetic guts was exceptional, equal or superior to anything on the market. Snake bite and Hex Poly are fantastic strings. Both very forgiving polys with great performance after breaking in. Even if the strings were not so well priced, they would still be on my list of strings you must try. With the competitive price point and quality, Golden Set strings provide the best of both worlds for todays tennis player.

    Robert Thornton
    former NCAA Div 2 player and team captain
  • By: James Lucas
    I have used several of the Golden Set products and like them very much. The Velvet, Maximal, and Optimum strings play great and are very similar to Wilson, Gamma, and Prince strings that sell for a lot more money. The synthetic gut plays almost just like Prince Synthetic gut. I also really like the Hydrex Overgrips. They are very similar to the Yonex overgrips for a fraction of the cost.

    I have been recommending the Golden Set products to my tennis friends and have gotten several of them to try the strings and overgrips. They all like them as much as I do and are now using them on a regular basis.

    James Lucas
  • By: Steve Colley
    Last year I began stringing tennis racquets and was looking for a Canadian string supplier. I found Golden Set and liked their web site and product line. I ordered several Sample Packs, which allowed me to experiment with the various types. As a 3.5/4.0 calibre player, every string that I have used has produced results that I have been more than satisfied with. I especially like using the Hex Poly or Snake Bite in the mains and something softer in the crosses. The web site provides several recommendations on this. I find the strings used to date very durable, with vgood tension retention. I have also strung racquets for friends with Golden Set string and all have liked the results. I also use Gldn Set grips and wraps, which are very good. The shipping policy is excellent and for me, there is no need whatsoever to purchase the higher priced string and accessories from the big companies.
  • By: Frank-Charles Pope
    I only use strings from Golden set. I like all the different products that I have tried and I also like the fair pricing. I am a 5.5 player and I need to use good equipment to compete at this level. Thanks guys for your great products and customer service.

    Frank Charles Pope
    Northern California
  • By: Neil Sahota
    Very friendly and quick service. I am already using the strings. Very good quality. Thanks. -Neil Sahota.
  • By: Ed Shermon
    These are great strings for the value. I very much liked the Maximal string. Gave a great spin and right power on my Head Black O3.
  • By: Richard Kosydar
    I got the sample pack not knowing what to expect. The delivery was exceptionally quick, just few days from Calgary to Ontario. The quality of all of the strings that I tried out is excellent but my favourite to date is the Torque 15L which lasted a few weeks of hitting which for me is a long time. It is a nice rough string and I was able to get great spin from it and so I was happy. I still have a few strings to try out but I have one which really works for me.
  • By: James Lucas
    I purchased 3 of the sample packs and have used the maximal, optimum, velvet, and synthetic gut so far in my and my wives racquets. I have been very pleased with the way the strings play and also the durability of the strings. I normally use Gamma Livewire professional or Technifibre NRG along with synthetic gut in the crosses as a hybrid in my racquets and I find the Golden Set strings play just as well and last as long or longer at a fraction of the price. I also purchased a bucket of the adhesa grip overgrips and find them to be as good or better than the wilson pro and the yonex super grap overgrips. I am very pleased with your products and plan on continuing to purchase them in the future.
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