Snake-Bite Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Zubair Virjee
    Snake bite is the best string I have used! Most reasonably priced strings and provides great durability and amazing feel.
    I have used Snake bite for the last 5 years and love it!
  • By: Angrith Na
    The combination of the snake bite and classic strings is amazing. It is the perfect blend of power, control, and comfort. The best part of Golden Set strings is the price!
  • By: Vincent Sciola
    Great string. I string racquets. More and more people request it. String at low tension. Usually 5 # below the manufactures recommended minimum.
  • By: Mark Hilborn
    I have been using Golden Set Snake Bite for a few years now, and I can't see changing! The spin, tension maintenance, string life, everything. I recommend it all the time, and when I string a racquet for friends, it's always Snake Bite.

    10 out of 10 for me!

  • By: John Delaney
    Tried many multi-sided strings over the years. Snakebite had become my favorite and the go-to string for my restringing customers. Great string at a very reasonable price.
    John Delaney
  • By: Eliot Goldsbrough
    I’ve been playing with snakebite for a couple of seasons. It’s certainly my favorite string. I feel I get better spin with the hex version.

    Your moisture absorbent over-grip is as good as any I’ve tried.

    Thanks again

  • By: Oscar Lemos
    Golden Set Team, thank you so much for such good and fast service.
    I been order from Golden Set different kind of strings and the Combos between Snake Bite, Power Cord and Hex-Poly combined with Synthetic Gut and Classic for Hybrid are excellent. I been stringing for 25 years and I work with coaches and players for National level and they love those combination of Hybrid from. Thank you Golden Set for such good quality of strings and prices value; Bye bye Luxilon, bye bye RPM and bye bye to many others strings that sponsor big players and consumers pay for it, it is not the case of Golden Set!

  • By: Murali Chari
    This is simply the best string I have tried for the price. This string provides me with high levels of spin and control. With this string I felt like I could swing for the lines. This string really helped my kick serve. The strings were able to bite into the ball and generate massive spin which translated into a high bounce. This string is on par with the more expensive polys such as RPM Blast. I would highly recommend this string to anyone with fast strokes looking for more spin and control.
  • By: Mark Hilborn
    I started using Snake Bite black 17g about a year ago, and recommend it to everyone. I find it has great spin, tension maintenance and durability. And softer than RPM Blast. 5 stars!
  • By: Paul Nguyen
    I was referred by one of my tennis partners to try the Snake-bite string and I was surprised how durable it is and of course the extra spin potential from the string cross section pattern. I also like the golden set overgrip because of its particularly tackiness. Finally, you can’t beat the price of the Golden Set products which is very competitive. I am sold on their products.
  • By: Vincent Sciola
    Love the snakebite 17 guage. String. Use it exclusively now.
  • By: Nabil Roumy
    Golden Set tennis is a great company to deal with...great product specially the snake bite.
    Will continue to purchase the products.
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