Snake-Bite Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Paul Nguyen
    I was referred by one of my tennis partners to try the Snake-bite string and I was surprised how durable it is and of course the extra spin potential from the string cross section pattern. I also like the golden set overgrip because of its particularly tackiness. Finally, you can’t beat the price of the Golden Set products which is very competitive. I am sold on their products.
  • By: Vincent Sciola
    Love the snakebite 17 guage. String. Use it exclusively now.
  • By: Nabil Roumy
    Golden Set tennis is a great company to deal with...great product specially the snake bite.
    Will continue to purchase the products.
  • By: Kun Cho
    I've been using Golden Set Tennis products for almost five years exclusively for myself and my tennis buddies.
    I use Power Cord for power it generates, softer feeling and spin for myself.

    Recently, I started stringing Snake Bite for the players with a flatter swing with a minimal topspin.
    I noticed the players with flat swing usually dump a lot of balls into the net or hit long because of lack of margin for error.
    So far, I restrung for about a dozen players with a little bit of low to high swing with the Snake Bite.
    Guess what?
    All of above players hitting the ball with enough clearance without hitting long because of extra topspin the Snake Bite generates.

    I strongly recommend the players with flatter swing pattern, try Snake Bite.


    Thank you very much Golden Set!
  • By: Cindy Wang
    I've been using the Snakebite for the past 3 years; I've replaced the pricey Babolat RPM Blast with the Snakebite. It's my go-to string for its price, durability, and playability. Very happy with my purchase!
  • By: Lydia Guillory
    The snake bite is an incredible and durable string at a great price. I have been using it for about a year now. I could never hit with topspin until I started using this great string. I would highly recommend this string.
    Just purchased my fourth spool of snakebite .what a great string, top spin forever, never breaks. great service! product arrives at my door two days after I order it.
    Bruce davis
  • By: Oscar Lemos
    I am really happy with the Golden Set strings and also my over 1300 players in a year.
    Lots of my players using the great combination of Snake Bite, Power Cord or Hex-Poly on the main and Synthetic Gut Multifilament on cross.
    Your string give to them amazing performance.
    Between you and I, some players on 5.0 NRTP stop using Luxilon and RPM Blast and switch to Snake Bite.
    On of my machines is an Gamma 9900 ELS and doing a perfect work with the Golden Set strings.
    I very high recommend using the Golden Set materials, extremely high performance on the court
    My name is Oscar, from DEUCE4040, with 25 years experience.

    Thank you,

  • By: Arfan Arif
    Golden Set string is comparable to the name brand. I am referring to the poly and multi filaments.
    The tacky grip is in between the name brand tack and name brand water absorbing grips. The Golden Set tacky grip is closer to the name brand tacky grips. I am happy where I am now. Thanks Golden Set !
    Arfan Arif
  • By: Gary Phoebus
    I am a 70 year old, that retired 4 years ago and started playing USTA matches for the first time in my life. I knew that I had to create spin, to make up for my very late start, and I also wanted it to be as economical as possible. Your string has helped me accomplish both needs and helped me win state championships (clay doubles) on the 55 and 70 teams i am on.
  • By: Stephane Laurin

    I really do appreciate your strings that I have bought, already twice!

    They are fun to play with, and they don't break too fast compared to a bunch of other companies' strings I have tried before.

    All the best!

    Excellent durability, and more spin generation then any other string I have tried. My go to string for many years now.
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