Maximal Sets (40ft/12.2m)

    Best natural gut like performance, for a fraction of the cost. Golden Set has exceptional products, matched by exceptional service.
  • By: James Lucas
    I have been playing tennis for more than 55 years and have been stringing racquets for over 50 years. I have used every string imaginable including natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilament, monofilament and polyester as well as other combinations over the years. The Golden Set string is as good or better than any string I have ever used. I prefer the Velvet and Maximal for myself, but I also string for several other people using Golden Set Synthetic Gut, Snake Bite, and Power Cord. My customers are extremely satisfied with these strings.

    J. Lucas
  • By: Jason Froese
    So for the last seven years I have been using Golden Set products. I have my own stringing machine which I originally bought just so I could tie my own tennis strings but has turned into doing work for others as well. It’s been nice to be able to order a selection of strings as well as grips and over grips for a great price and they work equal to the “big name” brands. I have found both the Secure Grip and the Elan Grip to work well. Over grips have been a great addition for me as they work great and I use them as a small bonus I send with the rackets for some of my consistent customers. For many years I used the Maximal 17 and loved the feel that the string gave me. But being a heavy topspin baseline player was looking for a little more from my string and had tried several different setups when I finally got around to trying there Power Cord 17(full bed). This is a great string, pockets the ball well, easy on the arm and a little extra spin on the ball is always good. Durability is better then some of the other strings I have used. I also like that Golden Set has a Canadian outlet. Orders are accurate and shipping is prompt. Thank you and I look forward to continue doing business with you.


  • By: Scott Lee
    I have been using snake bite for a couple years, the durability and feel with maximal string(cross)is bar none! I string my own so cost is very minimal.
  • By: Scott Spielman, Colorado
    I've been using Snakebite 17 with Maximal 16 for a year now, for me and my team. The durability is exceptional and access to spin is greater than my prior 'name brand' stuff. (plus, the price is unbeatable)
  • By: William Trang
    this string is great on the arm. its soft and it relieves pain on all shots. I gave me control and spin but not much power. It was very comfortable playing with this string however it lasted me about 3 or 4 times of playing tennis for it to break.
  • By: Tony Mendoza
    Maximal is by far one of the best feeling strings I've played with. I find this string offers excellent touch at the net and optimal control when hitting away at the baseline. Tension maintenance is also very good (I believe this string plays better when worn down to the inner fibers) overall a fantastic string for a fantastic price!
  • By: Rick Slayton
    I have been playing tennis for over 40 years most of that time at 4.5 and above, but finding the right string has aways seemed like a never ending battle. Back in the 60s and 70s with wood racquets I used gut exclusively but it was expensive. Now with graphite racquets the use of natural gut seems out of the question even for many pros. It is just too high maintenance. Over the past 10 years I've been trying just about any type of synthetic that I could find that would give me the good feel and control of gut but not the expense or worry about it fraying and eventually breaking prematurely. After trying about 30 different brands and styles, I tried the Golden Set sample packs. I liked most of them, they seemed to follow the supplier's ratings for playability and durability very closely, but I really liked the Maximal string. It has an incredibly soft feel very much like a light gage gut that is strung at just the right tension. I have had some chronic low level tendonitis in my elbow in the past few years which seems to be a non issue with this string. The durability is rated at 7 which is about right, I've averaged about 8 hours playing time which isn't bad considering the feel. Usually near the end of this string's life in the racquet, it loosens slightly (the mains start to move a lot) and then a fray starts to appear in one of the crosses. That usually means about an hour of decent hitting left. When this happens I just restring and start over. I do my own stringing, so with a reel of this string the cost is very reasonable. With the Maximal I feel that I have found the string that I've been looking for.

    Rick Slayton
    Ellicott City, Md.
  • By: Kent Oh
    I came across the Golden Set strings on ebay and ordered the sample pack for the multifilaments. I was impressed with the Maximal series which performed like natural gut but at a fraction of the price. I also applaud Golden Set for offering sample packs which allow newbies such as myself to access the different sets of strings available. This is one of the best way to experiment with different types and hybrid set-up without burning a hole in the pocket.

    Kent, Singapore
  • By: Michael Guth
    Maximal string plays exactly like the lead brands' strings, but at a fraction of the cost!
  • By: Daniel Mitchell
    My favorite string that I have ever purchased at Golden Set is "Maximal", it's incredable in its performance, most of all in its "playability". I would highly recomend this string to any and all tennis players that are looking for an all around fabulous performance, as well as improvement in their game!
  • By: Anthony Cheung
    i got the chance to try your Maximal (16g) strings. The strings plays very similar to higher end strings such as K-Gut and NRG. The only difference is the price. Golden-set strings allows me to customize my racquet without breaking the bank. i look forward in trying your other offerings in the very near future.
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