Velvet Reels (360ft/110m)

  • By: Dean Olah
    I've been using Golden Set strings for over a year now and find them comparable to any high quality string on the market. My favorite string is the Maximal 17 gauge. The touch and control is outstanding with power when needed (depending on how I string it). The only downside is that the string usually only lasts me about 3 weeks before I break it. Sometimes I use the velvet 17 gauge when I need more durability. It has a very similar feel with just a bit more power. Fortunately due to the very reasonable costs of the Golden Set Strings and for the fact I string my own
    racquets, I can afford to restring frequently and always be on the top of my game. Keep up the good work Golden String!
  • By: Will Reynolds
    Velvet-These strings are probably my favorite strings I have used on my racquetball racquet. I string my own racquets so I purchased a sample set from Golden Set. These strings played awesome and the durability was better for me then Golden Set's "racquetball string" (Anabolic). In fact I cannot say how long these strings would have lasted because my frame broke before the strings. I am going to order a reel of this string and will string all my racquets with it. I have found the one!
  • By: Dane McNeill
    A couple of things about this string as I've played through 10-15 sets of it now . . . First, this is an excellent playing and feeling string that has far greater durability than you would ever expect from a string that plays this well. Second, at the price, about half or less of the price of competitive name brand strings, you can not miss with this string. I just started stringing again after many year of paying for the service and I love stringing and playing with this string . . . (I'm a 4.5-5.0 level player) Outstanding!!!
  • By: Dean Olah
    I have been using name brand tennis strings as long as I can remember and for the past 6 years I have been stringing my own racquets. I have found that the Golden Set Velvet is as strong, yet easy on the arm and playable as any string on the market. The quality is terrific and the price extremely competitive. This is the string I use personally and recommend to all my customers.
  • By: Mikolaj Borak
    This string has a great feel. It doesn't hurt your arm and it's very responsive. The issue is, it breaks withing 6-8 hours of hard playing. However, in my opinion, it's just like those other $40 string you see from companies but at an insanely low price. Personally, it's worth buying a reel cause it works. Lots of spin and plenty of comfort. I'm just hooked on it.
  • By: Doug McCorkle
    I'm a 4.0 "touch" player, and sampled a lot of strings to find the most comfortable string with good control - Velvet 16 was it. I play three times a week, and need to restring about every six weeks, but with such a reasonable price (and I string myself), it is more than worth it. I just got my second roll!
  • By: Ken Kisty
    I still play with a Wilson Jack Kramer wooden racquet at times and stringing it with Golden Set Velvet 16 really improved performance. It provides me with a soft feel, a seemingly larger sweetspot, and ball placement is such that it seems I just "think" of where I want the shot to go, and it gets there! I highly recommend Velvet.
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