Classic Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Angrith Na
    The combination of the snake bite and classic strings is amazing. It is the perfect blend of power, control, and comfort. The best part of Golden Set strings is the price!
  • By: Louis Marino
    Thanks for the opportunity to review the products I've purchased from Golden Set.

    Most recently I needed to replenish my stock of synthetic gut. There was no hesitation to come back to Golden Set for the mono-filament Classic 16g, and Synthetic Gut 17g. Both of these have become a staple in my string inventory due to the durability and play-ability my customers experience using them. I have customers who like their entire racquet strung with these strings and those who like using them as crosses in a hybrid set-up. These strings cover the spectrum of my needs as a stringer, providing quality strings and competitive prices. Thanks Golden Set!
  • By: Eric Simard
    My 13 year old son and I have also tried the classic which I bought as a package with snakebite. It has a nice feel but is short lived for anyone playing with some power. I have also used it in a hybrid setup with snakebite. It was good for the first few hours but the hard poly tears through it pretty quick. I consider it a decent string given the price for the beginners to intermediates. Customer service at Golden set has always been excellent. Fast shipping and easy to deal with.

    Thank you,

    Eric Simard
    Ontario, Canada
  • By: Chris Biesterfeld
    Snake Bite is a good string for the money. I tried as a full poly and as a hybrid w/ classic and have decided to stay with the hybrid setup. I like the softness of the snake/ classic and still have adequate spin but with added power. I will be purchasing more strings after I'm all out. Thanks Golden Set and keep up the great work!
  • By: Eddie Goldbaum
    My name is Ed Goldbaum and I own All Pro Basics Sporting Goods in Los Angeles California. I String about ten racquetball racquets and 5 tennis racquets per week. The Classic Reels are the best value I can give to my customers. I have not had one complaint. When strung correctly the power is unsurpassed. I think everyone should try the classic at least once. You will never go back if you try it. Thanks Golden Set we love all your products. Eddie Goldbaum
  • By: Kenji Maeda, Wakayama, Japan
    Golden set Classic is great for the price. Perfect string for hybriding, gives a nice soft feel to the stringbed.
  • By: Andrew
    I'm just a home stringer and I ordered the white colored 16 awhile back. I put it on my PS 85 at around 56 and its quite comfy. It does start moving a bit after rounds of pounding but I figure that putting poly on mains will solve that problem. Very good price for very good value. Buy this, the price is same as two or three name brand sets. But this is better, and you get 16 sets.
  • By: Chris Mallison
    I'm a solid 3.5 with increasing moments of 4.0 performance, as are most of my opponents and buddies. I enter USTA tourneys a few times a year and play in ladders; on a good week I get 8 or more sets in. We range from 30-45 years old, mostly athletic baseline "bangers" and we all tried name brand "poly's" when it became the rage, but quickly found out that its lack of give wasn't the best choice for "mature" joints.

    I was looking for a decent priced string that played like one of my favorites (Prince Duraflex), and I discovered your 16g Classic reel to be a great price, had some nice color options, and was easy to work with. Your classic 16g gets rave reviews from me and my friends I string for. The black color looks "bad ass" and it has a good feel and a nice combo of durability and playability. I find if you string it 2-5 lbs. heavier than you prefer it settles in nicely after about 2 sets and feels great. I also use it on the crosses on some of my friend's racquets who have no issues going "poly" on the mains.

    Chris Mallison
    April 25 2012
  • By: woody deryckx
    I'm very pleased with Golden Set Classic 16 thus far. I have been using it as the cross strings in combination with snake bite 17 for the mains with great results. I have been putting the Classic on for the crosses a few pounds tighter than the mains so they set the Snake Bite up in a rough string bed for terrific 'bite'. I had initially expected them to get groovy pretty quick but they have surprised me with their durability and they give me a real nice, soft, smooth cross for the snake bite to slide back and forth on. So far so good - everyone loves this combination and I'm going to keep on using it as my main combination.
  • By: Drew Montgomery
    I have been playing with Golden Set Classic 16 in my old Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 for a few months now. It has good feel and also good pop when I need to hit the ball a little harder than normal. I usually string it at about 58
    pounds and it seems to be a little more durable than Prince Synthetic. I plan to try some of the other strings from Golden Set since I have my own stringing machine.
  • By: Isaac Nunoo
    The strings i bought were awesome and everyone likes them. i am going to be calling to order a few more.
  • By: Matt Brothers
    We have been using Golden Set string for nearly two years now and have experienced nothing less than professional service. They always go out of their way to make sure we get what we need in a timely fashion. The playability and durability of the strings are outstanding (our team mainly uses the Hex Poly/Classic Syn hybrid,) and all at an unbeatable value.

    Matt Brothers
    Head Coach Men's Tennis Team (Depaul Blue Demons, NCAA Division I)
    -2nd place in 2009 Big East Conference Championships
    -#74 in the Nation
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