Synthetic Gut Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Jean-Paul Pham
    I ordered 2 black Synthetic Gut Reels from Golden Set a few months ago. My 3 rackets are being strung every month with them. I would like to say that the Golden Set strings give me unprecedented power, control and touch. The price was better than the ones found in several online tennis merchants for similar strings. My tennis game has improved and my tennis elbow never came back.

    The online service from Golden Set was top notch and the fast delivery was better than expectations.

    I would highly recommend Golden Set Tennis for your tennis accessories.

    Thank you,
    Jean-Paul Pham
    Ottawa, ON
  • By: mike santomauro
    these strings get the job done!....can not beat this value anywhere else.
  • By: Louis Marino
    Thanks for the opportunity to review the products I've purchased from Golden Set.

    Most recently I needed to replenish my stock of synthetic gut. There was no hesitation to come back to Golden Set for the mono-filament Classic 16g, and Synthetic Gut 17g. Both of these have become a staple in my string inventory due to the durability and play-ability my customers experience using them. I have customers who like their entire racquet strung with these strings and those who like using them as crosses in a hybrid set-up. These strings cover the spectrum of my needs as a stringer, providing quality strings and competitive prices. Thanks Golden Set!
  • By: Bill Allen
    I have been using Golden Set products for about four years and wish I had discovered them
    many years ago.The products are excellent and reasonably priced.
    I am 87 and live in Longboat Key, Florida where I play tennis at least 5 and usually six days a week.I still play singles when I can find someone who will.
    My USTA 3.5 team on which I played number 2 position won the Florida State championship
    in year 2000 and went to Palm Springs where we finished seventh nationally.
    I have tried different Golden Set strings but finally tried an experiment which has worked very well
    for me and also for my wife who was a highly ranked player in the womens 35s in the 1970s.
    We both have used the same racquet for 12 years, a Wilson NCode, N1 Force which is an oversized 125.
    I have syngut 17g , black in the mains which could also be syngut 17g natural and velvet 17g
    natural color in the crosses, both strung at 62 pounds.
    It may sound weird but it works for me and my wife and that is all that count
    I also find the overgrips to be excellent

    Bill Allen
  • By: Ljubinko Vladicic
    I am your client since 2010 and I buy your products on a regular basis. I am very satisfied with your products and I hope it will last for long.

    I am buying the Golden set Hex Poly 17 and the Golden set Synthetic gut 17 its been already 6 years, and the products is awesome.

    I give them the best rating possible 5/5 !

    Thanks for the good service.
  • By: Vic Sevilla
    Its been about 6 months now that I have been stringing my own racquets & that of my friends with Snake Bite & Synthetic gut.
    The control & durability of these strings are amazing. I play with the Wilson 105 S which is a good & powerful racquet but is also a string breaker being 16x15 pattern.
    I use both 16 gauge on the main Snake Bite & Syn Gut on the cross which offers a good combination for playability. There is a marked improvement on spin for both my ground strokes & serve. As for value “the price is right”.

    I have been spreading the good word about the quality & value of Golden Set Strings.

    Thanks, Vic
  • By: Ted Childers
    I have coached junior and senior high school tennis for approx. 20 years and also string their racquets. I have learned a lot about string and rackets over time. The quality of Golden Set string is second to none. I cannot tell the difference between Golden Sets and the high cost racket brand strings. I can usually change a player's string to Golden Set string without any problem. I use a lot of synthetic gut for the players who are not string breakers and string with a two color look, black mains white crosses. For the string breakers, I was stringing the mains and crosses in poly or copoly but when we started to notice soreness in the elbows we switched to a hybrid with Snakebite 17 for the mains, and Golden Sets synthetic gut 16 for the crosses and this works great. Quality Score is an A+. Price is A+ and it's the main reason I keep buying all my string and grip from Golden Set. Finally, customer service is A+. When I place an order, it is on my front porch in a few days. I'm sold on your products, your price, and your service. Thanks
    Ted Childers
    Greenwood, Arkansas
    October 6, 2014
  • By: Dan Chin, Flushing, NY
    According to my 16 year-old son, a 6.5 competitive player, the hybrid Power Cord 16g (main) and Synthetic Gut, 16 g. (cross) strung at 57lbs, performs better than the Donnay CoPoly and X-Micro, 16g.

    I'm informed that Golden Set Hydrid "feels softer; it allows him to pocket and control high-velocity balls when hitting and returning them during intensive training with his group from the USTA High Performance Junior Development Program at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, NTC, Flushing, NY, the official venue for the U.S. Open.
  • By: Ed Fenton
    I'm a high school coach and I use this string through the year for players who are new to tennis to our more experienced varsity players. They like the feel and I like the durability the string has. Shipping is always fast and the customer service is top notch.
  • By: Jason Tom
    I received my goldenset order a few weeks ago and I am extremely happy with your products. I have been a goldenset customer for several years now. I normally blend snakebite and synthetic gut and decided to try your power cord. The power cord is a very playable string and generates a great deal of spin. Your prices are unbeatable and I am pleased to say that you have a customer for life. Thanks.
  • By: Jean-Pierre Ung
    Recently ordered Snake Bite and Synthetic Gut Reel Combo 17-16g. Great value! Combination has great spin. I notice more movement on wide serves and increased topspin on ground strokes
  • By: Aaron Wolfman, Calgary, Alberta
    purchsed snakebite and syngut. Excellent string. better than previous string. more responsive and longer lasting. pleased with the performance.
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