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What LENGTH of string is required to string a tennis racquet?

Almost all tennis racquets can be strung with 40 feet (12.2 meters) or less of string.
Golden Set tennis string sets contain 40ft (12.2m) of string.
A 660ft (200m) reel will generally string about 16 to 18 tennis racquets.


What does the string 'GAUGE' mean?


What string TENSION should I be using?


I do not restring racquets, why would I purchase tennis string?

To save money: If you supply your own string, re-stringers will string your racquet for the cost of labour only (usually between $10 and $20).
To get the string that you like: Most re-stringers stock only a limited variety of string types. Acquiring and supplying your own string ensures your racquet will be strung with the string that you like.

Does the color of a tennis string have an effect on how it behaves?

In theory, the dye used to color a string could have some minute effect on its mechanical behaviour.
This effect is so small though that most players cannot feel any difference.


I have arm problems (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow etc.), what kind of string should I use?

Elasticity is your friend when it comes to protecting your arm. Higher string elasticity will reduce the amount of shock transmitted to your arm. Nylon based strings offer high elasticity. If you are using a polyester string and experiencing arm problems, try a hybrid combination that assigns a more elastic (softer) string to the crosses. (click here for more information on hybrids/blends) . Going with a lower tension will also reduce the shock transmitted to your arm. (click here for more information on tension)



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