Power Cord Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Domenick Barone
    I've been stringing rackets now for about 9 years and have primarily used golden set strings.
    The high school boys tennis team really like the snake bite strings. Probably because they look good and do bite the ball well. As a stringer I feel that the twisted nature of the hex poly maintains its tension well.

    Lately I have been using power cord because it's a softer control string. I really like the feel of these, but may switch to a hybrid with satin to get a little more pop and make it more arm friendly.

    It has been great to use and string with golden set, because it helps me to keep my prices down without suffering quality.
  • By: todd van duyn
    I have been stringing and leading my customers to Golden Set products for 6 years. Snake Bite and Hex Poly are my 2 main go to's using Syn Gut for crosses for many hybrids. I recently had a player come to me with arm issues who could not stay with his current green string set up because of the pain in his arm that he attributed to the stiffness of the string. I suggested a full bed of Power Cord 17g due to the increased elasticity of the string and I lowered his tension 3 pounds. The player has reduced pain while not giving up playability and after daily play for 3 weeks with no breakage--I guess durability is not an issue either. Stringersforum has Power Cord 17g at an off the chart---6.67 rating albeit with a small sample size. Great string that I have started using as crosses with Snakes and Hex Polys and the players love it.
    Todd Van Duyn -Avon-- Next Day Stringers
  • By: George Hofilena
    Very easy on the elbow. Good pocketing. Nothing to complain about. First time I can play with full bed of poly. Lots of my friends like it. I especially string it for women players who prefer poly on their racquets. I prefer the amber color though as it feels softer than the dark grey color. But both are still good.
  • By: Mladen Trkulja
    Excellent string
    Use it all the time. Very happy with this string
  • By: Andrew Tufenkian
    As a college athlete I can always rely on Golden Set strings to provide me with long lasting, high power and plenty of spin to allow me to compete my best. They are less expensive than the competitors, but at a comparable quality.
    -Andrew T.
  • By: Oscar Lemos
    Golden Set Team, thank you so much for such good and fast service.
    I been order from Golden Set different kind of strings and the Combos between Snake Bite, Power Cord and Hex-Poly combined with Synthetic Gut and Classic for Hybrid are excellent. I been stringing for 25 years and I work with coaches and players for National level and they love those combination of Hybrid from. Thank you Golden Set for such good quality of strings and prices value; Bye bye Luxilon, bye bye RPM and bye bye to many others strings that sponsor big players and consumers pay for it, it is not the case of Golden Set!

  • By: Basil Ahmed
    I've tried MANY (co)Poly strings available on the market ~ there are A LOT ~ and can assure you that Golden Set Power Cord is right up there AT THE TOP with the VERY BEST or most expensive.

    If you want great, comfortable, durable, tennis strings, that stay fresh and last a long time, whether it's full poly bed, or hybrid, it's guaranteed that you'll love Power Cord!

  • By: Shintaro Hagiwara
    As much as I wanted to like it, it was too jarring for me (from the stiffness of the string). It played very nicely for the first two hours or so; however, I didn't enjoy it past 3 hour mark. Also, I developed tennis elbow at the same time. Personally much prefer the power cord over this, as it is much softer and arm friendly.
  • By: Oscar Lemos
    I am really happy with the Golden Set strings and also my over 1300 players in a year.
    Lots of my players using the great combination of Snake Bite, Power Cord or Hex-Poly on the main and Synthetic Gut Multifilament on cross.
    Your string give to them amazing performance.
    Between you and I, some players on 5.0 NRTP stop using Luxilon and RPM Blast and switch to Snake Bite.
    On of my machines is an Gamma 9900 ELS and doing a perfect work with the Golden Set strings.
    I very high recommend using the Golden Set materials, extremely high performance on the court
    My name is Oscar, from DEUCE4040, with 25 years experience.

    Thank you,

  • By: Fabian Tunberg
    I ordered a large quantity of Golden Set string. My players and I love the feel of the snake bite because its durable and still has that bite to create the needed spin on the ball. Also the Power Cord has a soft feel to it and not to hard on an arm. This is extremely effective for my players who play 19 matches in two weeks and this string also has a long lasting durability. Very impressed with Golden Set tennis strings
  • By: Olivier Martinel
    I have first used the Power Cord in yellow and I first loved them, then used the Snake Bite in black and I love GoldenSet even more.
    The Power Cord are a very soft string so I do not get pain in my elbow anymore,
    the Snake Bite are a little bit harder on my elbow, and the bite you get from the Snake Bite is really amazing,
    it is like the ball stays in your racquet at contact point for 3 or 4 seconds lol, you have time to aim and shoot back.
    Right now I went back to the Power Cord because they are more gentle on my elbow and so far I am happy this way.
    Highly recommended and cheaper than all other brands, I have tried a multitude of big brands for the past 2 to 3 years,
    non stop changing strings to see what will fit my game best,
    and the best one out there is the Luxilon Alu Power 125, but really expensive and do not last longer than 1 month
    on my racquet playing 3 to 4 times a week, I am a 4.5 player and I play really hard.
    The Power Cord do not have as much spin as the Snake Bite but it is actually really good for a smooth poly string.
    I string them at home and can restring not too often,
    Power Cord stays a long time, 2 months, in my Yonex Ezone 98 at 48lbs. I love it. Buy it, any of them...
  • By: Raja Chandrasekar
    I've been using GS strings for a few years now... Started with Snakebite a few times & liked the bit it had... But once I tried Power Cord 16, I was hooked.. I have settled on 50 - 52 lbs tension range in full bed... Being a soft Poly it is a lot of fun to play with while being easy on the arm & providing excellent durability. I've strung this for a few friends who also love it. I've been using the 16 gauge for a couple of years now & have been very very happy! Next up Power Cord 17 gauge & I am certain it is only going to be better :-)

    Lastly, it would be great if GS can sell 1/2 reels of Power Cord strings 17 & 16 gauge.

    TY GoldenSet for the great prices & excellent service.
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