Power Cord Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Dong Dong (David) Hou
    My review is for the Golden Set Power Cord 17 Black.
    This string is very playable for a poly, it is soft on the arm and gives a very nice pop when hitting. The string also produces a good amount of spin even though its not a textured string. You will not be dissapointed, you will like this poly string if you want a feel thats in the middle of soft and firm.


  • By: Jason Froese
    So for the last seven years I have been using Golden Set products. I have my own stringing machine which I originally bought just so I could tie my own tennis strings but has turned into doing work for others as well. It’s been nice to be able to order a selection of strings as well as grips and over grips for a great price and they work equal to the “big name” brands. I have found both the Secure Grip and the Elan Grip to work well. Over grips have been a great addition for me as they work great and I use them as a small bonus I send with the rackets for some of my consistent customers. For many years I used the Maximal 17 and loved the feel that the string gave me. But being a heavy topspin baseline player was looking for a little more from my string and had tried several different setups when I finally got around to trying there Power Cord 17(full bed). This is a great string, pockets the ball well, easy on the arm and a little extra spin on the ball is always good. Durability is better then some of the other strings I have used. I also like that Golden Set has a Canadian outlet. Orders are accurate and shipping is prompt. Thank you and I look forward to continue doing business with you.


  • By: Francis Matteau
    The golden set power cord is a very interesting string.
    It got the durability of any polyester string but what makes it my favorite to play with is its flexibility.
    Softer feeling than regular polyster ones.Thank you!

  • By: Christian Ché
    I use several times the power cord string 17 and I personally love it! Because it's a good combination between the elasticity, the spin and the power. Exactly what I needed. Since I use this string I improved my game! It's worthy to try it!

    Christian, Montréal
  • By: Steve Bauer
    I have been stringing racquets for 30 years and used many different brands of string . I have found Golden Set to be the best string that I have ever put in a racquet and more importantly for me the best feeling string that I have ever played with . I particularly like the Power Cord and have used it in various combinations with Snake - Bite and Hex Poly . Wish Golden set made a 18 in the Power Cord but the 17 does a great job in the mains mixed with 18 Hex Poly or 17 Snake-Bite .
    I can string my racquets 5 to 8 lbs. above normal tension and still maintain feel , control , and power .
  • By: Gianfranco Savone
    The following is a review of snake bite 17, hex poly 17 and power cord 17.

    I am a home stringer along with my dad and both of us have been using golden set products for a few years now. The Snake Bite 17 has amazing bite and durability for a 17 gauge, comparible to black code or RPM blast. The hex poly is similar to some other hexagonal shapes strings like solinco tour bite. Finally, I was super impressed by the power cord, so soft and crisp and has a nice feel and pop. All in all, golden set has surpassed my expectations for how well priced it is, and continues to be a preference from customers using name brand string all over town. Will be trying hybrid setups with some of the syn guts soon.

    Gianfranco Savone, Ottawa, Canada.
  • By: Georgy Kao
    I have been using both Snake Bites and Hex Polys consistently for years now. Both make great hybrid setups as well as stand alone full bed setups. I just tried a couple sets of the Power Cord and now it too has made it into the rotation. I was going through the Snake Bites and Hex Polys pretty quickly probably because I was playing with the 17g on my 16x19 Babolat, so I decided to try the 16g Power Cord and never looked back. I was surprised at how soft they were, so my touch shots felt amazing especially coming from a 16g string, but make no mistake the pop was definitely still there when you needed it. I strung it at mid tension with my first set just to see how well the tension held up and 9 hours later after some heavy hitting the drop wasn't bad at all. I then strung up the second set at my normal tensional 50lbs and couldn't be happier with the performance, durability and of course price point.

    -Georgy Kao
  • By: Marz Garcia
    I am pleased with the 17 gauge co-poly string. Had my racket strung at 50 pounds to improve spin and velocity and it seems to be working as well or better than the same string I purchased from more expensive vendors. Thank you.
  • By: Basil Ahmed
    Hi, invest in a reel of Golden Set Power Cord. It's a nice, soft, Co-Poly that gives you excellent feel, precision, touch, and spin. It's also extremely durable and will seem fresh for MONTHS.

    String the Power Cord at around 50 lbs (+/-) tension, and for the Crosses use a nice but also inexpensive Synthetic Gut or Multifilament at around 2 lbs higher tension.
  • By: Dong Dong (David) Hou
    I would like to write a review for the Golden Set Powercord Black 17 gauge:

    I have been buying the power cord for over 7 years. It is a comfortable string that gives good spin and playability. I recommend string it 54 pounds or below of you have a racquet of at max 100 sq in. If bigger I recommend stringing at least 57. It also surprised me that this string provided good tension maintainance as compared with snake bite.



    Newdash Tennis LLC
  • By: Wilson Cubides
    I string rackets for many players. I have turned every mail player to use Snake Bite strings, I use 16G for the mains and 17G for the cross, every body likes it. For most of my female players I use Power Cord or a combination or Snake Bite and Power Cord. I do not carry any other strings and I have used all of them, my inventory is limited to just those two strings, every body loves them.
  • By: Christopher Long
    Golden set keeps producing excellent string. Power Chord holds tension and helps to generate spin better than competitors strings. This is a must have!!! A superior string at a superior price!
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