Power Cord Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Winston Trac, Ottawa, ON, Canada
    This past few years, my bother and I enjoyed playing with the Poly, Hex Poly and Snake Bite from Golden Set. These poly strings are good just as the named brands for about one-third of the cost. We really like them in a hybrid setup with an Optinum or Syn Gut. But this summer, the Power Cord has became my go-to string. With a softer feel, I like to use them as a full bed. Truly, it gives me a perfect blend of power and control. Highly recommended!
  • By: Mark Marcia
    I finally had a chance to try the power cord, and I was very impressed. For years I was loyal to the hex poly, but I am now going to change. The string was responsive, soft, offered more control without sacrificing spin or pop. Whether you take it with a full bed, or a hybrid, you will love it. At the price that golden set offers, you cannot go wrong. I recommend power cord for all levels and styles. Thank you golden set for giving us a great product
  • By: Alan B. - St. Augustine Florida
    The best non-multi filament string I have ever tried. I used it as a main in a hybrid with Gosen Micro in the crosses; easy spin and great tension maintenance.
    Going to try it next as a full set.
  • By: john
    I have had the power cord strings for two weeks. I like the feel and spin control I get from them. I have a tension meter and the tension drop the first day which is normal, however since then it has gone down one pound in two weeks. This is the first strings I have tried from Golden Set, I which I would have found them sooner.


  • By: Kim from Florida
    My thirteen year old daughter who plays five days a week for, three hour a day,tried many other strings but snake bite sold her.She been playing with it for two years now and loves it.She said she feels in control of every shot, and when she does volley at the net it always lands where she wants it to go. She wants to tried the new power cord so I'll order it and write a review in a few weeks.
  • By: Harrison West
    Love this string. I'm about a 5.0 right now though have played open tournaments, and I find this to be a great balance between power and control. I'm very comfortable at net with this string, knowing the string-bed will be consistent for tough volleys. Serve power and placement is unparalleled. Thanks for making a great string!
  • By: Dan Chin, Flushing, NY
    According to my 16 year-old son, a 6.5 competitive player, the hybrid Power Cord 16g (main) and Synthetic Gut, 16 g. (cross) strung at 57lbs, performs better than the Donnay CoPoly and X-Micro, 16g.

    I'm informed that Golden Set Hydrid "feels softer; it allows him to pocket and control high-velocity balls when hitting and returning them during intensive training with his group from the USTA High Performance Junior Development Program at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, NTC, Flushing, NY, the official venue for the U.S. Open.
  • By: mark marcia
    I have been using Golden Set products for a few years now, and have tried almost all their string. I was loyal to hex poly, but after giving power cord a shot, I have now switched. Whether you use it as a hybrid, or a full bed, power cord will deliver. It has a much softer feel, without sacrificing power or spin. And with the price of a reel, you cannot go wrong. Thank you golden set!! You have once again given us a great product at a great price.
  • By: Gabriel Berretta, Vancouver, B.C.
    I bought the Power Cord 16 Reel (660ft/200m) not long ago. Shipping to my apartment in Vancouver took 3 days and I didn't have to drive to the US to pick it up. These strings are the best I had so far in last 3 years for my Wilson BLX. They last longer and I feel in control when hitting the ball. When hitting it stays longer in contact with the racket and allows me to make last adjustments. I 've been taught to play tennis on red clay and these strings bring back memories of fast paced controlled tennis. I recommend these strings to advanced players.
  • By: Freddie Asis
    Just used up my 2 snake bite strings from the poly sampler i bought last month (please refer to my 09/12 review) and am now to the power cord. Stringing is a delight for the softer power cord. I strung my Dunlop 4D100 with power cord 17 (mains @ 52 lbs) and tourna big hitter blue rough 16 (crosses @ 50 lbs), and the tension at mains right after stringing was measured (using gamma tension tester) at 52 lbs . 12 hours later (without hitting), the tension dropped to 50 lbs but settled there pretty much even after close to 10 hrs of play. The power cord ($6.01) is comparable, if not better than Luxilon ALU Power ($16.95) in all aspect i.e. power, tension maintenance, spin, durabilty, playability but the PRICE. Btw, one of the characteristics i like about the power cord and snake bite is that the mains barely moves even strung at the lower end of the spectrum (50-52 lbs). The snake bite did move after more than 25 hrs of play but it was mainly due to the synthetic crosses i used (silent partner flattened). Surprisingly, the tension on the mains was measured still at 50 lbs before i cut the snake bite. This simply means that it retained the tension very well.

    Freddie Asis
    USTA NTRP 4.0
    Stockton, CA
  • By: Harold Johnson, Macon, GA
    Power cord is my new favorite for stringing. The feel really is softer, and I prefer it to other polyesters I have tried because it is easier on my arm (I have a mild case of tennis elbow). I have used this in the mains with classic in the crosses, but I switched back to using power cord in both the mains and crosses, and I notice very little difference in racket performance. As with all golden set products I have tried, it is a better value than other comparable strings (if there are any, I haven't found another polyester that plays comparbly soft).
  • By: Denis Gregoire
    I used the power cord (gauge 17) all summer on clay court. I strung at 50 pounds and it feel just great. Goog durability without the hard feel of polyester.
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