Power Cord Reels (660ft/200m)

  • By: Jason Tom
    I received my goldenset order a few weeks ago and I am extremely happy with your products. I have been a goldenset customer for several years now. I normally blend snakebite and synthetic gut and decided to try your power cord. The power cord is a very playable string and generates a great deal of spin. Your prices are unbeatable and I am pleased to say that you have a customer for life. Thanks.
  • By: Darren Hoeg
    I'm an advanced player who breaks strings often. Several years ago I was looking for an economical soultion to my problem of having to replace strings frequently and came across GoldenSet, and decided to try them. I have been impressed with all of the Golden Set strings I have tried, and have used their Poly strings for the past two years. After experimenting with many Poly strings, I have found Golden Set's to be equivalent or better than other much more expensive brand name Polys. I recently tried Powercord, and I think this will be my new standard string. It really is softer than other polys I have used. It has excellent ball-pocketing; you can really feel the ball sink into the strings, and feel it being propelled off of them. This is what provides a player with "feel". They are more elastic, softer and better feeling than other mono-filament strings, and to me feel more like a high quality multi-filament, but with the spin and durability of a high quality poly. These are the perfect solution to those who like the usual characteristics of poly (high spin potential/durability) but don't like the stiffer feel usually associated with them. Great string!
  • By: Ron Stinson
    I tried the power cord 17 mains with syngut 17 on crosses. I am very impressed with the extra power and feel of the power cord 17. I have a compact stroke and have been playing with snake-bite 17 but may switch to the power cord for the extra pop.
  • By: Tom Mayer
    I purchased the new Power Cord 17 for my 15-year-old son's racquet. He has been using Snake Bite 17 and synthetic gut hybrid. I depend on him for feedback, and he says the Power Cord definitely delivers more power. He's a big hitter already and has decided to stick with the Snake Bite for better control. So, if someone is looking for more power, this string fits the bill. We will use the Power Cord when we string for his friends and teammates.
  • By: Ron Andrews
    I just purchased two packs of Power Cord 17 to experiment with. I strung my first racquet two weeks ago. Just so I could get a feel I strung it in the middle range for my racquet (Wilson pro open BLX). At first I thought it was a little tighter than I like. My plan was to only use it a couple of times and then remove it and try a hybrid with the Power cord and a synthetic gut. I have found it to play nice with a good balance between power and control. I am going to get a roll and try several different setups and hybrids to see how it performs. So far it is great by itself! I will report back with some alternate hybrids, tension, and stringing techniques. Looks like this might be a good string to have around.
  • By: David Hou
    I have been buying and using golden set strings for a few years now and the new power cord strings are softer and more comfortable than the snake bite strings. Compared with the snake bite strings, the power cord gave close to the same amount of spin, but it had a lot more power. So I recommend the power cord string for people who want a comfortable feel and more power in their game.
  • By: George Horna, Head Pro, Riverside Tennis Club
    I have been using the Golden Set Power Cord for a few weeks now, and I am very impressed with the feel of the string and its spin generation, quite an improvement on other poly strings I have used.
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