"Hi, invest in a reel of Golden Set Power Cord. It's a nice, soft, Co-Poly that gives you excellent feel, precision, touch, and spin. It's also extremely durable and will seem fresh for MONTHS. String the Power Cord at around 50 lbs (+/-) tension, and for the Crosses use a nice but also inexpensive Synthetic Gut or Multifilament at around 2 lbs higher tension."
Basil Ahmed

On this page you can purchase Power Cord in reels (one reel is enough string for 18 racquets). Power Cord, by virtue of its relatively high elasticity, is an extremely comfortable and powerful polyester tennis string. With this string you will enjoy the significant spin and durability advantages of a polyester together with a livelier feel approaching that of a non-polyester. Power Cord's performance is equivalent to other industry leading 'soft' polyesters but, like all Golden Set products, available at an affordable price.
  • Specifications

    CONSTRUCTION: Co-polyester mono-filament.

    DESCRIPTION: An advanced co-polyester string that delivers excellent tension maintenance, spin potential and durability. Composed from a specially formulated co-polyester compound that provides a more powerful and comfortable feel. Access to spin is enhanced by a proprietary surface coating. For a softer feel, Power Cord blends nicely with Classic or Synthetic Gut in the crosses.

    GAUGES: 16 (1.30mm), or 17 (1.25mm) (please select desired gauge below)

    COLORS: Amber or Dark Grey (please select desired color below)

    AVAILABLE IN: Sets (40ft/12.2m) or Reels (660ft/200m)

  • ? Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. Is this string right for me?

      • CASE 1 - You've used a polyester string before and liked it:

        Power Cord is a relatively soft polyester tennis string. This is not to say that it feels like a multi-filament string, its still a polyester and as such has an inherently firm feel.

        If you have come to enjoy the performance benefits of polyester strings but have wished for a livelier more forgiving (softer) feel, then Power Cord is a tennis string you should try.

        If you have found that a 'full' (non-hybrid ) polyester setup is too harsh on your arm, Power Cord may be the answer. Its higher elasticity produces a livelier and softer string-bed that is easier on your arm. As far as spin generation is concerned, nothing beats a 'full' polyester setup and a 'full' Power Cord setup is no exception.

        For tension , start off with whatever tension has worked well for you with other polyester tennis strings.
      • CASE 2 - You have not tried a polyester string before:

        First off, if hitting harder with more spin appeals to you, then you should at least try a polyester tennis string. Thanks to its softer more elastic feel, Power Cord is an ideal polyester to start off with. Transitioning from a non-polyester to a polyester string will almost invariably result in a string bed that is stiffer than you are used to. Employing a softer polyester like Power Cord will achieve a string-bed stiffness that is closer to what you are already familiar with.

        In the spirit of making the transition as gradual as possible, start off with a hybrid setup. Pairing Power Cord (usually in the mains) with a string like Golden Set Synthetic Gut (usually in the crosses) will achieve a string bed stiffness that is closer to what you are already comfortable with. If this works well and you are open to a further increase in stiffness, THEN try a 'full' (non-hybrid) setup with Power Cord on its own. You will find that a hybrid Power Cord setup provides impressive spin generation. Even more impressive is the spin generation of a 'full' Power Cord setup.

        For tension , you should start off stringing a polyester at about 10% less tension than your preferred tension for non-polyester string.
      • CASE 3 - You've tried polyester but found it too stiff:

        Power Cord, with its increased elasticity, might just change your opinion of polyesters. While it shares the incredible spin generation inherent to the polyester family of tennis strings, you will find it to be noticeably softer and more lively. Going back to a non-polyester setup may be difficult after trying Power Cord.

        Since your avoidance of polyesters stems from their higher stiffness, you should NOT be using Power Cord on its own in a 'full' (non-hybrid ) setup. Nor should you be stringing it at the tension you prefer for non-polyesters. A noticeably softer feel will be achieved by stringing Power Cord in a hybrid (combined with a softer string like Golden Set Velvet or Synthetic Gut) and at 10% less tension than you prefer for non-polyesters.
    • Q. What tension should I string Power Cord at?

      • CASE 1 - You are trying polyester for the first time:

        Take whatever tension you have been using for a non-polyester and lower it by 10%. If that is still a bit too stiff, further reduce the tension for your next restring. It is often surprising how far you can lower a polyester's tension before loss of control becomes an issue.

      • CASE 2 - You are already using polyester:

        Start off with whatever tension has worked for you with other polyesters.
    • Q. What gauge is going to be right for me?

      • CASE 1 - Durability is of limited concern to you:

        To maximize your access to spin and feel, choose 17, the thinner gauge of Power Cord.

      • CASE 2 - Durability does concern you:

        16, the thicker gauge , is going to offer the most durability. 17, the thinner gauge, may maximize your spin and feel but at the cost of lower durability. You need to make a decision between the performance benefits of 17 versus the extended durability of 16 gauge. How much durability are we talking about? The life expectancy of a 17 gauge string is about third less than that of a 16 gauge string. A good compromise can be achieved by installing 16 gauge in the mains and 17 gauge in the crosses. A hybrid setup like this will give you the durability of 16 gauge plus some of the performance benefits of 17 gauge.

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