Satin Reels (360ft/110m)

  • By: Matt Stephens
    Satin definitely helped my arm issues, but it doesn't last too long when you use it as a hybrid with Snakebite Smooth. My arm is more important than my pocketbook, but I will be restringing often with this string.

    Overall, I'm happy with it. It does what I wanted it to do, which is to reduce the stress on my elbow.
  • By: Corey Ebadat
    I have been using Golden set for the past 5 years. I have used many combinations. As of late I have just used the Satin with 50lb tension. It is extremely easy on my arm, and I have great control and power. Absolutely the best.
  • By: Bill Allen
    Your recommendation on Satin was a real winner.
    I am a former 4.0 player who is now a 3.5 and I think
    that my age has something to do with it as I will turn
    90 this year.
    I play six days a week and still play singles and have found your
    Golden Set products to be excellent in quality and price.
    I use an unusual combination of 17g black syngut in the main strings
    and 17g satin in the crosses.
    I really love how it plays

  • By: Parvin Eisa-Beygi
    I really enjoyed playing with these Multifilimants.
    I am a competitive ITF player and have been struggling with arm pain for a while. I recently switched to Multifilimant strings but soon saw myself breaking the bank. I was fortunate enough to come across these strings. They play just like the NXT yet cost the fraction of the cost.
    5 stars
  • By: Jianxin Wang
    I'm generally happy with the Satin string I ordered. The feel is good. It is arm friendly and gives good control and power. The only drawback is its durability. I play about three times a week and this string only lasts about two weeks. I'm planning to get a cheap string machine to save money on restringing costs for this string.

  • By: james Mattson
    I have been using goldenset strings of the past 6 years.
    I have strung hundreds of racquets using these strings and have not had anything but complements about the strings.
    The strings are as good or better than competitors strings which cost twice the price.

    Jim Mattson
    USPTA Professional
  • By: Georgy Kao
    I was excited to receive a set of the latest multi filament offering from Golden set called Satin. I had been looking for and trying lots of different hybrid multi/poly set ups that combine control, power and comfort. Satin did not disappoint. I was very impressed with how it felt with some stiffer polys that I enjoy playing with but due to elbow issues I had to cut back on full poly setups. So glad they sent me a sample to try. I put Satin on the mains and Snake Bite 17g on the crosses and it felt pretty good. But the ideal setup for me was Satin 16g on the mains and Hex Poly 18g on the cross at 52lbs. This played and felt amazing. Control, power and most important to me was comfort. It had a nice amount of pop surprisingly, ample spin and I felt I could put the ball anywhere I wanted. Only downside was durability. That setup didn’t last long but who cares when their price point is so low. Another solid product from Golden Set!

    Georgy K
  • By: Douglas McCorkle
    I’m a 4.0 male, playing 2-3 times a week mostly doubles. I put the Satin 16 on my Prince O3 Spectrum, in place of the Velvet 16 that I usually use (because it’s the softest string I found, easy on my arm and allows me to hit with enough power but also have a very nice touch game). The Satin 16 has a similar soft feel, but at the same time feeling heavier, more robust somehow. There does appear to be more power, and I have to put more effort into generating spin, on ground strokes as well as serves, but that was just an adjustment, I think I’m back to the same level of spin now after 2-3 weeks. My touch game was also an adjustment – I love little drop shots – but I think I’ve got those back as well.

    So, I’m still deciding whether or not to switch over to the Satin from the Velvet. I need to do a little back and forth comparison playing (I have two of the same racquet, one with each string) before making the decision, so far I’ve only been using the Satin. The jury is still out, but I definitely like the Satin quite a lot.
  • By: Ludwik Stec
    The quality of all strings are exceptional and
    set of Satin you sent me plays even better than Velvet.

    Thank you again,
    Best Regards,
  • By: Andy Ygona
    I have been experimenting with a string setup with Snakebite Smooth(17gauge, 53lbs, mains) and Satin(17gauge, 57lbs, crosses). Prior, I was using Snakebite(17g, 53lbs, mains) and Velvet(17g, 57lbs, crosses). At first, I was expecting the difference in bite, instead, I noticed how comfortable my arm felt first and then the spin. Spin was easily accessible when I needed more. Unlike the Snakebite, spin was always there. After 6 hours, overall, I still liked the access to power and spin, comfortableness, elasticity, and tension maintenance. Next up, I'll setup the Snakebite smooth and Velvet.


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