Elan Grip (replacement grip), 12-Packs

  • By: Louis Marino
    Whenever it's time to replenish my stock of string, I always look to Golden Set for the best quality and pricing. I've been a customer since 2013 and the bulk of my inventory is Golden Set product. From poly/co-poly, multi-filament, synthetic gut, to replacement grips, I've come to rely on Golden Set products for the majority of my racquet servicing needs. Thanks again, Golden Set!

    Lou Marino
    USPTA Cardio & Youth Tennis Coach
  • By: Louis Marino
    Having added grip replacement to my racquet stringing business, I'm back to order more Golden Set Elan Grip and Secure Grip. I'm very pleased, as are my customers, with the comfort, quality, and the fact that there are thickness options. The other benefit for me is the price. There simply isn't anything that can compete, especially with quantity discounts available. This, along with the great string quality and pricing, allows me to be very competitive and keeps customers coming back. Thanks, Golden Set!
    The elan grip is the best replacement grip I have found in a long time plenty of tack and wears well, best of all my customers like them as well as I do. Ed
  • By: Jason Froese
    So for the last seven years I have been using Golden Set products. I have my own stringing machine which I originally bought just so I could tie my own tennis strings but has turned into doing work for others as well. It’s been nice to be able to order a selection of strings as well as grips and over grips for a great price and they work equal to the “big name” brands. I have found both the Secure Grip and the Elan Grip to work well. Over grips have been a great addition for me as they work great and I use them as a small bonus I send with the rackets for some of my consistent customers. For many years I used the Maximal 17 and loved the feel that the string gave me. But being a heavy topspin baseline player was looking for a little more from my string and had tried several different setups when I finally got around to trying there Power Cord 17(full bed). This is a great string, pockets the ball well, easy on the arm and a little extra spin on the ball is always good. Durability is better then some of the other strings I have used. I also like that Golden Set has a Canadian outlet. Orders are accurate and shipping is prompt. Thank you and I look forward to continue doing business with you.


  • By: Dong Dong Hou
    I really like the elan grip, it gives me a soft feel and it absorbs a lot of shock. I usually use a thicker grip, so I usually use two for one racquet and then I add about 4 to 5 overgrips to give me the cushiony feel that I like.
  • By: John A. Ramsey II
    March 20, 2012 I have been using Snakebite for a few years now, and my customer base loves this string. I string nearly every racquet from two clubs here in SW Florida and 95% of all string jobs include either Snakebite or a Snakebite/Velvet Hybrid. The Velvet string is nearly identical to NXT. Additionally, I use the Golden Set Secure grips and the Elan grips as replacement grips. My members love the fact that the price is the lowest for such good quality. Most of my members had not replaced their grips in 20 years. In fact, the first month I used over 30 grips. I found that the Secure Grip was a little thicker than the Elan Grip, and for those women whose grip was too large, I replaced their grip using an Elan Grip to reduce the grip size. The product quality and price has made me a permanent customer of Golden Set Tennis. Thank you again. John John A. Ramsey II Kelly Greens Director of Tennis USPTA Professional
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