"I just made the switch from Luxilon Big Banger Rough (16G) to Snake-Bite (17G) and am so glad that I did!"
Andy Alarid

On this page you can purchase Snake-Bite in reels (one reel is enough string for 18 racquets). Snake-Bite, Golden Set's best selling tennis string, is a polyester optimized for spin production. It is suitable for all levels of players from beginners to tour professionals. Snake-Bite provides performance and durability equivalent to much more expensive polyesters like BabolatTM RPM Blast.
  • Specifications

    CONSTRUCTION: Co-polyester mono-filament with a twisted heptagonal cross-section.

    DESCRIPTION: An advanced polyester string that delivers excellent tension maintenance and durability. Its twisted heptagonal cross-section provides unprecedented spin generating bite. For a softer feel, Snake-Bite blends nicely with Classic or Synthetic Gut in the crosses.

    GAUGES: 16 (1.30mm), or 17 (1.25mm) (please select desired gauge below)

    COLORS: Black or Red (please select desired color below)

    AVAILABLE IN: Sets (40ft/12.2m) or Reels (660ft/200m)

  • ? Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. Is this string right for me?

      • CASE 1 - You've used a polyester string before and liked it:

        It is very likely that you will enjoy Snake-Bite. Like other polyesters, Snake-Bite has an inherently firm feel. Polyesters are known for facilitating spin generation. Snake-Bite, with its extreme texture and favourable mechanical properties, takes spin generation to a new level.

        For tension , start off with whatever tension has worked well for you with other polyester tennis strings.
      • CASE 2 - You have not tried a polyester string before:

        Unless you have arm problems (i.e. tennis elbow or other shock related arm issues), you should at least experiment with using a polyester - Snake-Bite is a very good place to start. To ease your transition to a polyester based tennis string, start off with a hybrid setup involving a polyester string (i.e. Snake-Bite) in the mains and a softer string like Golden Set Synthetic Gut in the crosses. A setup like this will yield a string bed stiffness that is less of a 'jump' from what you are used to. If the stiffer string bed and added spin are working well for you, THEN try a full polyester setup.

        For tension , you should start off stringing a polyester at about 10% less tension than your preferred tension for non-polyester string.
      • CASE 3 - You've tried polyester but found it too stiff:

        Before dismissing Snake-Bite on the basis that it is a polyester, you should consider the following:

        -1- Did you try the polyester string in a hybrid setup paired with a softer string?
        If you only tried polyester on its own, you need to know that hybriding may be the solution. Hybriding a polyester with a softer string will bring the string bed stiffness back closer to what you are familiar and comfortable with.

        -2- Did you string the polyester at the same tension that you like to use for non-polyesters?
        It is recommended that you string polyester at about 10% less than your preferred tension for non-polyester tennis string. In the world of tennis string, polyester is a relatively stiff material. As such, you cannot treat it the same as non-polyesters when it comes to tension. Trying a lower tension might just allow you to start enjoying the performance benefits of a polyester racquet string.
    • Q. What tension should I string Snake-Bite at?

      If you are already using polyester, start off with whatever tension has worked well for you with other polyester tennis strings. If you have not been using polyester, start off at about 10% less than your preferred tension for non-polyester string. If you find that the feel is still too stiff, opt for a lower tension on your next restring. Conversely, an overly loose feel can be remedied by raising the tension.
    • Q. What gauge is going to be right for me?

      • CASE 1 - Durability is not a significant concern to you:

        Going with 17, the thinner gauge , will provide you with increased feel and spin.

      • CASE 2 - Durability is a significant concern to you:

        You will need to decide between the performance advantages (more spin and feel) of 17 gauge versus the greater durability of 16 gauge. The durability of 17 gauge will amount to about a third less than 16 gauge. A good compromise can be obtained via a hybrid of 16 gauge Snake-Bite in the mains together with 17 gauge Snake-Bite in the crosses. A hybrid setup like this will yield the durability of 16 gauge along with some of the performance enhancements offered by 17 gauge.

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