Velvet Reels (360ft/110m)

  • By: Don Turner

    Found out about Golden Set strings through a local Stringer and thought I would give it a try. Strung on my Prince 98 ESP (Extreme String Pattern) racquets I can generate phenomenal topspin. To top it off they are a great value price wise.

    Finally, I appreciate that Golden Set trust their Customers. I had to return some string a friend bought for my Birthday but was the wrong gauge. They shipped out the new string even before I could send back the old string. This kind of trust is rare and much appreciated.

    Cannot recommend Golden Set products enough. Great Company with a Great Product backed by Great Customer Service.

    Don Turner

    Atlanta, GA
  • By: Parvin Eisa-Beygi
    I really enjoyed playing with these Multifilimants.
    I am a competitive ITF player and have been struggling with arm pain for a while. I recently switched to Multifilimant strings but soon saw myself breaking the bank. I was fortunate enough to come across these strings. They play just like the NXT yet cost the fraction of the cost.
    5 stars
  • By: Susan Danac-mith
    I am happy with Golden string and find it comparable to many better strings. The velvet string is simular to technifibre NRG or Gamma tnt which are 2 of my favorite strings. I have many friends who like the durability and spin of snakebite 17g.
  • By: Steven Roberts
    I've been using goldenset velvet for the last 2 years. It is very afforable and plays like nxt in my opinion but with more control. I also get the 15L G version for max durability. It is great for a hybrid combination too.

    -Steve R
  • By: James Lucas
    I have been playing tennis for more than 55 years and have been stringing racquets for over 50 years. I have used every string imaginable including natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilament, monofilament and polyester as well as other combinations over the years. The Golden Set string is as good or better than any string I have ever used. I prefer the Velvet and Maximal for myself, but I also string for several other people using Golden Set Synthetic Gut, Snake Bite, and Power Cord. My customers are extremely satisfied with these strings.

    J. Lucas
  • By: Andy Ygona
    I've been 100% pleased with my recent order and all orders in the past. My latest purchase has been a reel of velvet(17G) and several packs of snakebite(17G). With snakebite(53lbs) on the mains and velvet(57lbs) on the crosses, the playability still gives me a lot of bite and now with added comfort. From a 1-10 rating, 10 being best:

    Playability: 9
    Durability: 8 (8 hours of total match play, velvet started to fray quite a bit)
    Control: 9
    Tension maintenance: 8

    I play with a Yonex Vcore Duel G97, rated 4.5, and diving into open division tournaments.

  • By: Ludwik Stec
    I am a tennis coach and a professional stringer in Ontario and I recently purchased Velvet Strings from Golden Set. This is one of the best multifilament strings I have ever used to string racquets for my customers and students. There is a lot of feel, control, and durability to it the benefits of which, I and my customers quickly notice.

    I am especially impressed with Gaby’s customer service. Whenever I email a question or an order, I get a response very quickly. This company goes over and above, to supply their customers with quality products.

    Ludwik Stec
    Teaching pro and stringer
    Brampton, Ontario
  • By: Bill Allen
    I have been using Golden Set products for about four years and wish I had discovered them
    many years ago.The products are excellent and reasonably priced.
    I am 87 and live in Longboat Key, Florida where I play tennis at least 5 and usually six days a week.I still play singles when I can find someone who will.
    My USTA 3.5 team on which I played number 2 position won the Florida State championship
    in year 2000 and went to Palm Springs where we finished seventh nationally.
    I have tried different Golden Set strings but finally tried an experiment which has worked very well
    for me and also for my wife who was a highly ranked player in the womens 35s in the 1970s.
    We both have used the same racquet for 12 years, a Wilson NCode, N1 Force which is an oversized 125.
    I have syngut 17g , black in the mains which could also be syngut 17g natural and velvet 17g
    natural color in the crosses, both strung at 62 pounds.
    It may sound weird but it works for me and my wife and that is all that count
    I also find the overgrips to be excellent

    Bill Allen
  • By: Georgy Kao
    You have got to try this multifilament string! Velvet definitely lives up to the name. It softens up my very stiff Babolat APD which makes it the most comfortable string bed I’ve ever had on this frame. It feels better than all the other major brand names out there and I’ve tried them all. I was at wits end until I tried Velvet initially for the price point, it being lower than the other brands but don’t let the lower price fool you, I’ll put it up against all of the pricier multis out there any day in quality.
    Even though it’s buttery soft you can still rip from the baseline with some nice pop and the touch is insane, especially at net. I string my sticks up on the lower end for that nice feel and pocketing. Thanks Golden Set for another fantastic string! Georgy - Santa Monica
  • By: Martin Blick
    I was looking for a less expensive alternative to Wilson NXT, so I tried Golden Set Velvet. For the first 10 minutes, I didn't like it as well, but then I quickly got used to it and now it's my favorite string. It has a great, soft feel and good ball pocketing. When I hit a slice backhand, the ball has a very low bounce and makes a great defensive shot. Highly recommended to any player that likes multifilaments.
    Martin - Texas U.S.
  • By: Danny Mullins, Yakima
    Been stringing my rackets with Snake-Bite I'm guessing 4 years now as a hybrid. Using several different types of softer synthetic gut in the mains,fell in love with Head FXP power 16g but hated how long the strings lasted.About 4 to 6 hrs as an average.When ordering more Snake-Bite the Rep said try the Velvet and did and I was Impressed . Strung One racket w/ FXP & one w/ Velvet to tell the difference ,The Velvet is a little firmer at first but after 1 hrs It had a nice feel. In 6 sets The FXP broke and after 8 sets the Velvet is showing some wear but still doing very well. I don't think that Golden gives it Enough Credit on its durability . Couldn't be Happier .Danny
  • By: Tung Le, Mountain House, California
    One of the better multifilament strings out there on the market. I use this string on the mains and Snake Bite on the crosses. It gave me the best ball pocketing and enough power with this hybrid. If you want a low-price/good mutilfilament string, try Velvet.
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